I don’t think this quote has applied to anyone more than it has to him

When we focus on what we want the world to look like, and make products that reflect that, we excel.

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Every Single Day

A few choice quotes from ubuntu reviews

Battery life was not good.  It’s between two to three hours depending on what you are doing….  you will last at least for one movie.


Yay! One whole movie!

The laptop comes with a 6 cell battery by default which lasts around 2.5 hours under general use…

Omg Ubuntu

That’s right, general use, they weren’t even watching a movie.

The previous release, Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat gets over two hours more battery life than Natty Narwhal…

Tom’s Hardware


Now that I’ve been using my Starling for a while, I can say that the battery is generally good for 3½ to 4 hours.

Jane Hadley

And that was a review for a netbook, devices that often get over 6hrs battery life.

People often ask me what is stopping ubuntu (and therefore linux) from becoming mainstream, and it comes down to this.

They don’t take themselves seriously.

Sure they talk seriously, but they don’t act it, a regression was introduced in the kernel that almost halves battery life. Was it fixed? No. Did they(Canonical) ship the kernel with the final release? You betcha.

Not only has the regression not been addressed, but less than a month before the release of 11.10 it has gotten worse.

P.S. Some people would note that some of these laptops were high powered and therefore don’t get a long battery life. I’d point them to apple, whose 17″ core i7 laptop still gets 7hrs of use.

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Tried out the windows 8 preview today, most people wait until after they’ve used something for a significant amount of time before writing about it. I think it’s important to always write your first thoughts though, the average consumer doesn’t read reviews before buying a product or give them week long test drives first. They buy the shiniest thing in the store they see first.

In that regard I think Microsoft is onto something, I’m a fan of the metro UI and I think some of the animations, when opening ie for instance, are beautiful. It’s definitely something that draws people in. Theres so much new stuff though that I could see the majority of the new features going to waste on the average person (my parents still fail to understand the concept of tabs in a web browser).

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Android title bar pre release vs initial release

What happened there?

At least it looks a lot nicer now.

Oh wait….

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Ubuntu boot time

“The Ubuntu Community has made “instant on” (that is, cold boot times of 10 seconds or less) standard…   Alpha versions of its version 11.10 show it has winnowed that down to 12 seconds”

12 seconds is great, but how do you go “down” from 10s to 12s?

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The free software guy “reviews” oneiric alpha 3

New rule – ignore any review that says a dedicated IRC app should be installed by default.